Dear UHN Researchers and Trainees,

UHN Research needs your input!
The Centre for Research Education and Training (CREdiT) was formed 3 years ago and we are now evaluating both its role and effectiveness. We are interested in learning about the level of awareness of CREdiT in the Research community, its perceived current value, and its perceived potential value. We would like to know your view of what type of services, support, academic and social activities that UHN should provide to its trainees.
UHN Research Labs. host approximately 1400 trainees, including postdoctoral fellows, clinical research fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students and other types of trainees. A significant priority for UHN is to provide the best research and training environment.
This survey is very short - it will take only a few minutes to complete. No personal information will be collected and only aggregate data will be used by UHN for strategic planning purposes.
Please submit your responses by August 28, 2009.
By submitting your responses you will be affirming that your participation in this survey is voluntary.
This survey was developed through interviews with 18 Principal Investigators and 25 Trainees and your input is critical to make it useful document.
Questions regarding the survey should be directed to Girlie Harvey